Suspended Ceilings

Installers of Suspended Ceiling Systems in Ireland & UK

Installing a suspended ceiling system is much more than refurbishing the ceiling of your space. Suspending ceiling systems make a room much more attractive, efficient and safer. Installing a suspended ceiling can be an integral dimension to the aesthetic appeal of your space. It is as vital as any other feature when producing a modern and welcoming environment. There is a huge variety of options when choosing your suspended ceiling specification and Convery Ceilings would be delighted to assist you in making your vision become a reality. We cover all industries across the UK and Ireland. Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Retail, Schools and any form of Commerical or Industrial spaces.

MF Ceilings

Installers of MF Ceiling Systems in Ireland & UK

As experienced commercial ceiling contractors, Convery Ceilings, specialise in the application of MF ceiling systems. MF Suspended System ceilings are ideal for commercial and domestic applications, where services are to be accommodated and when upgrading and protecting existing structures.

Glass Partitioning 

Installers of Glass Partitions in Ireland & UK

If you are looking to create modern office space, frameless glass partitioning is the key. Whether hoping to create meeting rooms, additional offices, or simply form office divisions, glass partitioning can offer a contemporary and stylish office atmosphere. The installation of glass partitions comes in a variety of different options, coupled together with our Acoustics Services we can provide you with the space you require.

Stud Partitions & Metal Partitions

Installers of Partitions in Ireland & UK

Here at Convery Ceilings we design, build and install a range of partition walls in all types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

From traditional stud walls and dry lining through to metal and composite partition systems we can construct offices, meeting rooms and work areas quickly and with minimum disruption. Our metal and composite partition systems can be reused as your space requirements change.

Acoustic Flooring & Ceiling

We create acoustic clarity and comfort for any space across all sectors.

Our proven systems provide adaptable and bespoke wall and ceiling options to suit your project and deliver strong visual impact alongside unrivalled acoustic performance.

We supply and install an extensive range of soundproofing solutions to meet your technical and budgetary requirements, aligned to a schedule that minimises disruption to your organisation or home.

In addition to commercial premises, we also offer soundproofing for private homeowners, providing an all-encompassing service from consultation through to installation; whether it’s a noisy neighbours, home entertainment systems or to minimise traffic noise.

Dry Lining Services

We create acoustic clarity and comfort for any space across all sectors.

If you’re looking for reliable dry lining services for your commercial or industrial property, our professional team are here for you. Dry lining is a quick and easy solution for both new-builds and refurbishment or repair projects. Here at Convery Ceilings, we have been delivering interior wall treatments across the North-West for many years.

Our experienced team have worked on industrial, commercial, retail and all kinds of public and private properties over the years. We are proud to offer a comprehensive interior wall coating service on any kind surface. Our team can deliver a high-quality service to ensure that your property looks incredible and remains a practical space for your business’ needs.